Bad Bug Media staff are here to help with any questions you may have.

For questions regarding Press Appearances, Advertising, Submissions, Reviews or Interviews please contact:


Thank you for you interest in submitting your story Bad Bug Media. We are big believers in supporting all kinds of creators and giving others the chance to break-in to the comic book industry.
While we are happy to receive submissions of all kinds, we ask that you refer to our roster of published comics before you decide to contact us.
Bad Bug Media is an independent comic book publishing house which is after a specific look and feel. If you decide to submit to us then you should understand that we are looking for a complete team (artist + writer) and will not provide networking services in the form of a writer or artist to complete your vision.
Due to the high number of submissions we receive we cannot guarantee we’ll reply to every submission so if you don’t hear back from us within 30 days then you should assume we’re not interested in working with you. Unfortunately, this also means we don’t provide individual feedback on your submission.
To submit your pitch please include a cover letter, 8 completed artwork pages and mock cover to:
Thank you for your time.